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Quality Systems Services
This includes providing Quality Systems Advisory Services to qualify businesses against the requirements of international quality systems:
Quality Systems Consulting Services
Mystery Shopping
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ISO 31000
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Mystery Shopping Service
Why Mystery Shopping Service?
Customer service is the most important aspect in the business world, in which organizations seek to provide the Customer Service Excellence and uniquely differentiate their services from other competitors. Research shows that emotion influences purchase decisions six times more than rationale. Connecting to your customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a long lasting relationship with your brand.
Companies aim to provide a unique experience to their customers by proactively anticipating their needs and expectations and developing strong bonds with them, instead of providing services in the same traditional way.
To reach this goal, Global Consultants Company provides the Mystery Shopper Service in which a Mystery Shopper interacts with your company’s staff in the form of a real customer, whether by visiting the company, or by making a phone call or any other way, in the aim of measuring the extent of commitment of your staff to the standards set by the company, in order to improve the quality of services your company provides and increase the rate of sales.
Mystery Shopper Service is an effective tool to evaluate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Customer Service Excellence program targeting a wide range of customers such as banks, stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals …etc.
Customer Service Excellence Approach
Customer Service excellence is an attitude ingrained in all departments and it begins and ends with your staff. It requires more than a customer service department or a slogan on the meeting room wall. And that is In order to achieve the bigger goal for all companies which is achieving a higher rate of sales and maintaining the excellent quality of services.
Global Consultants Approach in regards to the Mystery Shopper Service
Global Consultants Company has a unique approach and methodology for conducting the Mystery Shopper Service presented in the process of planning, assessment and improvement, as illustrated below:
Why Global Consultants
Global Consultants (GC) Company provides a variety of services to companies and organizations with respect to the Mystery Shopper Service by assisting companies in collecting the information needed to evaluate and develop quality standards in order to improve the quality of services in the company.
Global Consultants has the following characteristics to conduct successful mystery shopping:
Local Qualified Professionals
Rapid responses when invited
Suitable timelines
Quality of deliverables
Competitive and reasonable professional fees
International standard & recognized procedures
Our role far exceeds providing training & consultation, by extending to after-service support
Customized approach to Kuwait culture
Strong database for Kuwait market to figure out competitors
Data analysis and graphical reporting
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