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Global Consultants is a leading business advisory and training services provider in Kuwait. We deliver a spectrum of integrated training packages within Kuwait and GCC in our capacity as a training provider based in Kuwait to cater to client needs to develop the their human resources skills. We have designed our training services in different areas including soft skills (related to interpersonal and self-development skills) and technical skills.
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Leading Change, Development and Setting Out Future Strategies
1. Training Course Overview
Success or failure of business entities depends on their leaders and their ability to manage change within the entity to avoid inactivity and insularity and their enthusiasm towards moving it towards dynamism and activity.
Also, distinguish business entities have leaders who are able to set out future strategies; exert efforts to implement such strategies to ensure continuous success of the entity.
2. Training Course Objectives
This training program aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills pertaining managing and leading change in business entities along with setting out future strategies. This program also sheds the light on the importance of future outlook in business entities and the means of setting out a strategic plan.
3. Who Should Attend this Training Course?
This training program targets those interested in understanding the modern techniques and best practices of leading change and strategic planning with the aim of setting our future strategic for business entity:
Executive and General Managers
Business Development Managers and Officers
Administrative Managers in all departments
Strategic planning, development and follow up professionals
4. Details of the Training Course:
No. of Days : 5 Days
Date of the Course : 09 - 13 August 2015
Course Timing : 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM
Course Language : Arabic
Course Venue : Fully Equipped Training Facility at 5 stars hotel (Dubai)
Registration : For enquiry and registration, please:
Call us @ 182 82 83 , Ext: 18
Fax us @ 2242 6532
Or email us : suad@gckw.com
Tel: +965 1828283
Fax: +965 2294 2649
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