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Global Consultants is a leading business advisory and training services provider in Kuwait. We deliver a spectrum of integrated training packages within Kuwait and GCC in our capacity as a training provider based in Kuwait to cater to client needs to develop the their human resources skills. We have designed our training services in different areas including soft skills (related to interpersonal and self-development skills) and technical skills.
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Certified Public Accountant - CPA®
1. About Certified Public Accountant - CPA®
  FINALLY! the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam is held in Kuwait, not only held for one time but also for several times a year.
  The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an international certificate developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) based in the United States of America, giving international professional accreditation for cadres working in the field of financial accounting or auditing. The AICPA identifies the content of the certification curricula, and approves the CPA certificate curricula issued by various publishers. Also, the AICPA organizes and coordinates CPA examinations with the testing centers throughout the United States of America, and announces the test results.
The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) occupies a prominent position in the accounting community. Holders of CPA designation enjoy the respect of accounting society and get the full opportunity to be qualified for taking over leading positions in their area. CPA designation provides professional features to CPAs accounting practices. The importance of CPA certificate study is stemming from the increased demand on CPAs, particularly accountants and auditors.
2. Certifying Body
  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) based in the United States of America.
3. Value of Obtaining CPA® Credential
- On Corporate Level: The credibility, objectivity, independence, and intensive follow-up in the competitive global business environment are some characteristics of CPAs, enabling their organizations to achieve many values to their clients at operational and profit levels.
- On Personal Level: Provide professionals with great opportunity to get updated with the latest developments on accounting and auditing, with higher opportunities for career promotion in the accounting and auditing positions, together with higher job packages.
4. CPA® Review Curriculum:
  Global Consultants, as a certified training institute in Kuwait, deliver the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certificate review program in Kuwait using the Curricula approved by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), using Wiley learning System, based on 4 constituent modules covering the curricula required for the CPA exam, detailed as follows:
Auditing & Attestation
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Business Environment & Concepts
5. Global Consultants' CPA® Certification Process Methodology
  Below table depicts the Global Consultants' methodology adopted for providing CPA review course in Kuwait:
Date of Review Course : 12 September, 2015 - 26 March 2016
Curriculum & Exam Language : English
Review Course Language : English supported by Arabic when necessary
No. of Sessions : 52 sessions, Bi-weekly, 4 hours/session
Venue : Fully Equipped Training Facility at 5 stars hotel.
Test Venue : State of Kuwait
Registration : For enquiry, registration & getting the registration form, please
Contact our training coordinators at 182 82 83, extensions 434
Fax us at 2294 2649
6. Why Review CPA® in Kuwait with Global Consultants?
6-1 Global Consultants Experience
  Global Consultants is a leading training company in Kuwait with more than 10-year experience in delivering various professional certificates review courses in Kuwait. This has a greater impact on the quality and methodology of the CPA® curricula review presentation. Also, Global Consultants is one of major training institutes delivering professional certification review courses in Kuwait.
6-2 Global Consultants Review Course Style
  Global Consultants enhances its participants’ opportunities to pass the CPA® examination, assisting them with the optimum review methods to prepare and appear for the CPA® exam organized by AICPA in Kuwait.
6-3 Experienced Trainers
  Global Consultants utilizes the expertise of a pool of qualified multinational trainers of 10-20 years’ experience who transfer their professional knowledge and skills to our participants as they are holder of the Certified Public Accountant - CPA® designation and have great experience in the financial accounting and auditing in Kuwait, besides their proven experience in teaching the CPA® curricula in Kuwait. They also translate their experience to participants to teach them how to pass the CPA® examination, guiding them into how to read and comprehend exam questions and how to technically deal with questions.
6-4 5-Star Hotel Training Venues
  Global Consultants organizes CPA® review course sessions at 5-star hotel venues equipped with the relevant training aid. The location is easily accessible and provided with facilities and services to realize participant convenience.
7. What are Procedures a Candidate Follows to sit for CPA® Exam in Kuwait?
A Credential Evaluation
1 Before applying for the CPA examination, the candidate who attended or graduated from a non-US school or university (e.g. graduated from Kuwait University in Kuwait or from Ain Sham University in Egypt) must have his/her credential/transcripts evaluated by one of the NASBA-approved foreign credentials evaluation services in USA. This service is provided against certain fees payable to the selected evaluation service agency and may take one to three weeks.
2 There are many NASBA-approved credentials evaluation services in USA. Candidate can contact one of the below service providers – for example – to have his/her credential/transcripts evaluated:
Foreign Academic Credential Service, Inc. www.facsusa.com
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. www.ece.org
Academic & Credential Records Evaluation & Verification Service [ACREVS Inc.] www.acrevs.com
3 The candidate must apply for the examination through a participating state board participating in the International CPA Examination Administration Program. The application must include Transcripts from all universities attended and Evaluation of the candidate’s credentials by one of the NASBA-approved foreign credential evaluation services..
B Applying for CPA ® Exam
1 When the candidate submits his application, he/she may be required to submit some or all of the application and examination fees.
2 After receiving Notice to Schedule (NTS), the candidate may then register to take the examination in Kuwait and pay additional fees per examination section.
3 To complete the registration, the candidate must choose the jurisdiction in which he wishes to apply from the list available on NASBA website (www.nasba.org).
4 Next, click the link “Apply to Test Internationally”, to pay the international fees and complete your international registration.
5 After the registration process is complete for each examination section, the candidate will need to wait at least 24 hours before scheduling his appointment at the testing center through Prometric.
8. Rules a Candidate Must Follow to sit for CPA® Examination at Prometric Test Center in Kuwait
8-1 Once scheduled appointment with an official Prometric Test Center in Kuwait (Amideast), the candidate must present his Passport as primary ID for the examination. He will not be permitted inside the Test Center without the passport.
8-2 The candidate must bring his Notice to Schedule (NTS) with him on the exam date. The NTS contains the password required by the candidate to launch the exam on the computer. All other materials required for the exam will be provided by Amideast.
8-3 The CPA examination is conducted by Amideast on Monday and Tuesday each week (8 times a month). The time slots for Mondays are 9:00a.m. and 1:30p.m. and for Tuesdays is 9:00a.m. The examinee must report at Amideast office 30 minutes prior to his exam appointment time.
8-4 Amideast is not involved in scheduling, rescheduling or canceling exams on behalf of the examinee. Amideast is solely involved in administering the examination. The examinee must contact Prometric directly for these services.
8-5 After the test, Amideast gives the examinee a completion notice. The official score report is sent to the examinee within six weeks by AICPA.
9. Street Address of Amideast, a Prometric Test Center In Kuwait
  Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Opp. Al Awadhi Mosque, Commercial Bank Building, 2nd Floor, Sharq - Kuwait. Tel: +965-2247-0091 FAX: +955-2247-0092
Tel: +965 1828283
Fax: +965 2294 2649
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