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Global Consultants
Global Consultants (GC) is a company with limited liability (WLL), established in Kuwait in 2001. GC renders high quality professional business advisory and training services. GC aims at supporting you to achieve your business objectives and accomplish your business growth with services to international standards and best practices, tailored to Kuwait’s local business culture. We have successfully attained a strong foothold in the Kuwaiti business domain.
Economic Consulting Services
Management Consulting Services
Quality Systems Consulting Services
Training Services
About Us
1. Company’s Pillars
  The cornerstone on which the company delivers professional services to its clients is based on four essential pillars, namely:
1-1 Independence
The company is fully independent
The company does not relate to any group of business whether inside Kuwait or Outside Kuwait
The company does not own any shares in any local or international companies
1-2 Professionalism
We are using all our local and international resources to demonstrate commitment to professionalism in providing all our services.
1-3 Professional Team
Global Consultants has a bilingual team of professionals with academic qualifications and high professional certifications working closely with our customers, to provide them with continuing support in a professional manner.
1-4 Quality Management Systems
Global Consultants is certified against the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 27001:2013 standards; so the internal systems and operations of our company are governed by the International Quality Standards, in such a manner fits its international stand and meets our clients’ needs as per the best international quality standards.
2. Vision
  To be the preferred choice for our clients in providing practical, innovative and outstanding solutions.
3. Mission
  Providing quality standardized solutions in business advisory and training achieving client’s objectives through applying international standards and best practices, managed by effective and efficient team.
4. Values
Values Towards Our Clients
Quality of Products
  Apply international standards in providing high quality services that meet client needs and satisfaction.
Independency and Neutrality
  Commitment to principle of independency and neutrality is a key cornerstone sustaining credibility of our services.
  Maintain confidentiality of our client information in conformity with the highest professional and ethical standards.
Efficient Management
  We respect our commitments to our clients and manage their priorities efficiently.
Social Responsibility
  A social responsibility towards our society is a key pillar of our policy and performance.
Values Towards Our Human Resources
Investment in Human Resources
  Invest in our professional human resources with international experience and supporting their professional development.
  Provide an environment full of clarity and transparency where each individual is committed to constructive criticism and open exchange of ideas.
  Promote mutual loyalty based on a shared vision between staff and company.
  Promote spirit of teamwork to achieve a common vision enhances company capabilities to meet challenges and achieve goals.
Work Environment
  Create inspired environment enhances continuity of staff efficiency, and maintain simplicity, initiative and creative thinking.
Values Towards Our Competitors
Code of Ethics
  Deal with our competitors in compliance with professional ethics of fair competition, and harness the competition to be one of catalysts for the continual development of our services.
Values Towards Our Suppliers
  Believe in win-win strategy with our suppliers, and we are keen to be committed to our liabilities towards them.
Tel: +965 1828283
Fax: +965 2294 2649
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